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Humidity is a wonderful thing. It provides so many benefits that we often don’t think or know about. Wow your friends – and your doctor for that matter- with these great humidifier factoids. Dry Air – Both heaters and air conditioners contribute to drying out the air in your home. […]

Humidifier 101: Why Do I Need a Humidifier

We’re not even going to mention that summer is winding down, but instead we’re going to focus on a new school year. This is especially exciting for incoming college freshman. Packing is stressful and you can never have too many lists. Crane’s recent college graduates put their heads together to […]

26 Items for College You Don’t Want to Forget

Cement flooring in an unfinished basement, cement outdoor or garage spaces, they all have something in common don’t they – grey boring floors. Cement is actually an extremely versatile material that can be colored and used in flooring or other places. Using cement allows you to use any color and […]

FINDesign: Cement Tiles

FINDesign- Street Straddling Bus (1)
Designs for the future need to do a few things: improve upon what’s already invented, look aesthetically appealing and be something that could sustain for many years. China’s Street Straddling Bus does just that. All you need to do is watch this video and you’ll be sold on the idea, […]

FINDesigns: Street Straddling Bus

Photo provided by Ulla.
This week I gave up carbs. Today I am only eating vegetables. When it comes to eating healthier, we make things harder on ourselves by giving up food groups or going through hoops for a diet when the best thing and easiest lifestyle change we can make is simple: drink […]

FINDesign: Ulla

If you’ve attended a concert or public event lately, you’ve noticed how often everyone, probably even you, takes out their phones for a photo or video. Why can’t we all just appreciate the moment without feeling the need to capture it to share the experience later? Not too long ago […]

Design for Better Living: Technology